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Posted on September 11, 2023

Decorte Advent Calendar 2023

Decorte Advent Calendar 2023

Decorte has released the Decorte Advent Calendar 2023. Priced at $549.00.

What’s inside:

  • Decorte Liposome Advanced Repair Serum 12ml
  • Decorte Liposome Advanced Repair Cream 20g
  • Decorte Hydra Clarity Micro Essence Cleansing Hydra Emulsion 30ml Hydra
  • Decorte Clarity Conditioning Treatment Softener Er 30ml
  • Decorte Hydra Clarity Medicated Treatment Essence Water [quasi-drug] 30ml
  • Decorte Hydra Clarity Concentrate Cream 15g
  • Decorte Lift Dimension Plump Firm Emulsion Er 50ml
  • Decorte Lift Dimension Replenish Firm Lotion Er 50ml
  • Decorte Lift Dimension Enhanced Cream 15g
  • Decorte Aq Absolute Emulsion Micro Radiance Ii 50ml
  • Decorte Aq Absolute Lotion Hydro Infuse Ii 50ml
  • Decorte Aq Aq Absolute Balm Cream Elestick 15g
  • Decorte Aq Millionary Repair Cleansing Cream N 30g
  • Decorte Aq Millionary Repair Forming Wash N50ml Aq Million
    Decorte Intensive Cream N 2.5g
  • Decorte Aq Millionary Repair Emerge N  75ml
  • Decorte Aq Millility Repair Lotion N 75ml
  • Decorte Facial Pure Cotton 30pcdecorte Face Powder 00 Translucent
  • Decorte Eye Glow Gem Skin Shadow 17g Autumn Dazzle
  • Decorte Eye Glow Gem Skin Shadow 23m Fluffy Bear Rouge
  • Decorte Décolleté 14 Blissful Moment
  • Decorte Rouge Décolletage Liquid 14
  • Decorte Kimono Gloss Eau De Toilette 5ml
  • Decorte Kimono Gloss Perfumed Hand Cream 20g
  • Decorte Kimono Yui Perfumed Hand Cream 20g

Shop here: saksfifthavenue.com (US) osakamachi.com

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