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Posted on November 27, 2023

FARMACY Strawberry Shortcake Clean Review

FARMACY Strawberry Shortcake Clean Review

In this review, I want to discuss the FARMACY Strawberry Shortcake Clean. It’s a limited-edition strawberry shortcake-scented cleansing balm, which I was very excited to try since I have been in love with the brand’s Green Clean Balm for a long time. From the very first time I saw it, I knew it was just a matter of time before I got my hands on it. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find out whether it’s worth the investment or not.

FARMACY Strawberry Shortcake Clean

The formula is enriched with moringa seed oil, sunflower seed oil, papaya extract, neem extract, strawberry extract, false daisy extract, tulsi extract, turmeric extract, eggplant extract, ivy gourd extract, red seaweed extract. Additionally, it contains polyethylene, which is often used in cleansers to provide slip, but importantly, it’s not in its solid form, thus the formula is free from polyethylene microbeads.

FARMACY Clean Review

FARMACY Strawberry Shortcake Clean works great, it effortlessly melts everything off my face without feeling heavy. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean. The texture is akin to butter for the face, melting instantly as it warms on the skin.


This balm emulsifies with minimal effort and washes off easily, leaving no oily residue. I totally get the hype with this.

farmacy cleansing balm

I’m a big fan of the original Green Clean cleansing balm, so I’m always excited to try out their limited editions. This one maintains the same formula and texture as the original, but the scent doesn’t quite work for me. The strawberry aroma is too subdued for my liking, and initially, I found myself wishing it were stronger. Over time, though, I’ve come to somewhat enjoy the subtle scent, thankfully without it being cloyingly sweet.

farmacy cleansing balm review

My overall impression of the FARMACY Strawberry Shortcake Clean is very positive. I enjoy using FARMACY’s cleansing balms and am excited to continue exploring their limited editions, with the current season’s Tea Harvest Green Clean Trio, which I recently purchased.


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